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Screen Product Warranties

“Company” is Shenzhen Parts the brand name of Allied China Electronics Ltd

“Customer” is the purchaser of Shenzhen Parts products in which a commercial invoice has been addressed.

“Screen” is a phone screen sold by Shenzhen Parts to its customers.

1. General

The Company endeavors to supply screen products and parts to its customer which meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Company guarantees the functionality and cosmetic quality of its products in accordance with the current issue of Quality Standards. If Customer believes a screen product supplied by Company does not conform to the said Quality Standards, then it has the right to enact the warranty within the terms stated herein.

2. Warranty period

The standard warranty duration for parts sold by Shenzhen Parts covers a one (1) year period. The validity period commences at the date of invoice – which corresponds to the date of shipping on the commercial invoice - and ends twelve months thereafter.

During the warranty period, certain types of defects will be accepted as a return within the following parameters:

Up to 1 month: All screen defects that do not meet our Quality Standards and are not in breech of the warranty (see Clause 9).

1 – 3 months: All screen defects that do not meet our Quality Standards and are not in breech of the warranty, except:
• Cosmetic defects on the screen glass.

3 – 6 months: All screen defects that do not meet our Quality Standards and are not in breech of the warranty, except:
    • Cosmetic defects on the screen glass;
    • Backlight adhesion issues;
    • FPC issues;
    • Electro-static issues.

6 – 12 months: All screen defects that do not meet our Quality Standards and are not in breech of the warranty, except:
   • Cosmetic defects on the screen glass;
   • Backlight adhesion issues;
   • FPC issues;
   • Electro-static issues;
   • Frame adhesion issues.

3. Validation of warranty

A product’s warranty needs to be validated by referencing the original invoice number. Without this validation, the product is deemed out-of-warranty.

The product must be marked with a valid Shenzhen Parts warranty mark. If the product is missing the official warrant mark or has clearly been tampered with, then a warranty claim will be invalidated.

4. Non-warranty claims

If Company’s products arrive at Customer’s designated premises and the transport cartons are clearly damaged, then Customer should refuse the delivery and immediately contact Company in order to process a claim against the shipper.

If Customer accepts a delivery which has clearly been damaged, then it is important that Customer notifies Company within five (5) working days of delivery date and provide:
   i. Photographic evidence of all sides of the damaged transport box/carton with one image of the carton on a scale displaying gross weight;
   ii. Photographic evidence of any product packaging that may have been damaged in transit;
   iii. Photographic evidence of the actual product that may have been damaged in transit.

5. RMA procedure

Customers must follow the RMA process in order to receive a valid refund or credit. Company has the right to reject products sent to its service centre without correct documentation. The process summary as follows:
   i. Complete the RMA form (such as invoice numbers and likely fault).
   ii. Wait for authorization before sending products and parts.
   iii. Send parts to an authorized service centre for evaluation.
   iv. Credit notes or refunds are applied only to returns that have been accepted by Company.
   v. Replacement parts for accepted returns are sent back at the cost to Company or included in new order shipments.

6. Replacement of parts

Company has the right to replace faulty parts with same or similar parts or issue a credit memo of the equivalent value as per original purchase price on the invoice, which ever it deems preferable.

7. Disposal of returned product

In the event that a replacement product, refund, or credit has been issued to Customer, then the returned defective item will become the property of Company and will be disposed of in accordance with its policy.

8. Cost of shipping returns

It is the responsibility of Customer to pay for the shipping of defective parts to the nearest Company service centre. If any parts are found not to be in breech of the Quality Standards and are deemed to be functioning correctly, then Customer will be responsible for all costs associated with processing and transporting the parts back to Customer’s destination.

It is the responsibility of Company to pay for the shipping of replacement parts that have been found to be in breech of the Quality Standards.

Customer bears the risk of the product while it is in transport to the Returns Service Centre. Company will bear the risk when the replacement parts are being transported to Customer for returns only.

9. Warranty breech

The Company warranty will be invalidated in the following circumstances:
   I. Clear signs of usage or previous installation when the part has been returned for a cosmetic issue;
    II. When protective coatings and covers have been removed, damaged or opened without authorization;
   III. General damage caused by abuse, misuse, liquid contact, fire or other harmful substances;
   IV. The warranty markings have been removed;
   V. Customer Technicians damage screen products during installation;
   VI. When the product is found to be out of warranty and not from the invoice stated in the RMA form.

10. Rejected returns

Company has the right to charge a fee to Customer for any returned products that have been rejected due to reasons stated in previous clauses.

Company will charge Customer for rejected returns pro rata of an hourly rate dependent on the Returns Service Centre location.

11. Legal Jurisdiction

Insofar as they apply to warranties relating parts and products supplied by Company, Warranty Terms are governed by and must be construed according to the law of Hong Kong. Disputes arising from both parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong.

Except for the express warranties set forth in this document, in no event shall Company be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or punitive damages or losses to Customer arising from products supplied by Company. No liability shall be accepted for loss of incidental revenues, property or general materials within Customer’s business operations nor delays caused by a third party shipping agents.