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Frequently asked questions

FAQIn the mobile phone parts industry there are a lot of variables. We've cut through that with simple answers to most of our most commonly asked questions. Can't find your question? Click on the live chat button on the bottom right of the site or contact us here. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.






How do I place an order?
We designed our order system to first confirm your order through a quotation request. We will then send you a detailed quotation including up to the moment pricing and accurate shipping costs. Once you receive your quotation, you can confirm and checkout through “My admin”. A detailed explanation of our quotation and ordering system can be found on the How to Order page.

Why do I need to get a quotation first?
In our industry, prices for individual items can vary daily; most of the time in your favor. Many of the parts on our site including older iPhone, iPod, iPad  Samsung and MacBook parts can also become scarce at a moment’s notice. By having you send us a quotation request, we can ensure that we are providing you with the most up to the moment pricing as well as confirm part availability. We will also confirm shipping costs to your location, so you have all the information you need to make an informed purchase.

The best part is that once your order is confirmed you can rest assured that the full order will be on it’s way. No missing products or last minute issues.


Can I send a quotation request by email/ Skype?
Yes, please provide an excel or equivalent database include product name, condition (Original, new; Original, refurbished; etc.) and requested quantity along with your shipping and contact details to:



If you do not already have an account with us, we will set one up for you and provide you with a quotation as soon as possible.

What is your minimum order quantity?
Currently, we require a minimum order quantity of USD $100.00.  While we have positioned Shenzhen Parts as a wholesale supplier, we have set the minimum order quantity low in order to encourage test orders, so that prospective clients may test our product quality and order efficiency. Unfortunately, due to the logistics involved in providing quality repair parts, we are unable to fill orders below this amount. If you require a small order to fix your own device, please contact us and we can most likely refer you to a business in your area.

How do I cancel an order?
Please contact us as soon as possible. Most orders are shipped the same day as funds have been received. If your order has not yet departed we will cancel your order immediately.

How do I add products to an existing order?
Please contact us as soon as possible, as most orders depart the same day as we receive funds. If your order has not already departed we will add the items to your order.

My quotation has expired, how do I reactivate it?
Please contact us and we will reactivate your quotation. Our system automatically expires quotation as product pricing and availability varies.


What shipping methods do you provide?
Please visit our Shipping methods page for a full list of shipping methods we provide.

Do you offer shipping insurance?
We provide shipping insurance through the shipping company, which will ship your goods. If for example, your goods are shipped through DHL, the shipping insurance is provided directly through DHL. It is only 0.03% of the total value of your goods and we highly recommend that you use it to protect against possible issues that can occur during the transportation process. To add shipping insurance to your order, select the shipping insurance option on your quotation request.

How do you calculate shipping costs?
Most carriers including DHL , FedEx , UPS and TNT calculate shipping costs volumetrically or by actual weight, whichever is more. Complete details are available on our Shipping Options and Charges page, but essentially shipping carriers attribute a particular weight value to a specific size of carton. The carton is then weighed and whichever calculation (volumetric weight or actual weight) is greater is charged. Because this you will notice that items that take up a lot of space, but are not necessarily heavy such as tool kits, can dramatically increase the volumetric weight.

We actively work to reduce excess weight by using proper packaging techniques, which protect your goods during transit while reducing empty space.

When using specialized shipping methods, such as sea freight, we typically rely on a quotation directly from the respective shipping company, which we directly apply on the quotation.

How long will it take to ship to my location?
While we cannot guarantee exact shipping times as they are ultimately the responsibility of the shipping carrier, most shipments via air take between 3-4 days to arrive. Sea shipments vary greatly though we can provide time estimates upon request.

Please note that shipments including batteries or shipped during a Chinese (Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat day, etc.) or international holiday (Christmas) may cause delays. In addition shipments to some countries may be delayed during the customs clearance process.

How do you package parts for a shipment?
We take great pride in our packaging process. Please visit our How we pack page for more information.

Do you ship batteries?
Yes. Please note that shipments containing bulky or large amounts of batteries may incur extra shipping charges, as shipping companies tend to frown on shipping batteries by air.

When will I receive my tracking number?
Typically, shipments receive a functioning tracking number within 24 hours of departure. Shipments that depart on weekends or holidays, may experience extra delays before a tracking number is generated.

Customs clearance

Will my shipment have issues at customs?
Shenzhen Parts takes great care to make your customs clearance process as quick and trouble free as possible. Our commercial invoices are thoughtfully prepared and include proper HS codes for all products.

Copyright infringements are serious business and we know that an infraction can cost you real repercussions. We work to remove all copyright infringements before shipment and can advise you as to products which will be accepted in your destination country.

Am I responsible for customs duties?
Yes. If your shipment total is above your destination country’s minimum you will be charged a customs duty upon receiving your shipment.



What brands of repair parts do you offer?
Currently, we provide quality tested iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook and Samsung repair parts as well as accessories and tools. All of our parts individually tested to meet our stringent quality demands.

Do you provide Nokia, LG, Blackberry, etc.?
Currently, we do not provide other brands. While we are always looking for new ways to provide new parts and services to our clients, we have found that focusing our quality control and sourcing efforts on a specific spectrum of parts allows us to provide the best possible quality and price. That being said, we are constantly evolving and are looking to our clients to find the brands/ services they would like us to offer. If you have a new brand/service request, please email us at sales@shenzhenparts.com

I need a part this is not on your website, how do I order it?
If you require an iMac or MacBook part please visit our Mac part request form. For any other part/ tool/ or accessory request please contact us by email or Skype. We will respond within 24 hours as to product availability and pricing.

How do you conduct quality control on parts?
Our quality control process is second to none. Our collaboration with our clients, specifically large repair networks in Europe has allowed us to implement a 100% quality control program, wherein all parts are tested individually for a myriad of potential issues.

Our program grows daily as we develop new testing and assembly processes as well as implement suggestions and input from our clients. In this way all customer input helps make Shenzhen Parts the leader in quality-tested parts.

Are all of your parts original?
Most of the parts we provide are original, new; however we provide many different conditions including Original, new; Original, refurbished; Original, used; Replacement and more. We take our condition listings seriously and provide accurate and transparent descriptions of all of our products.

Why do you not use the OEM abbreviation?
OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer refers to products, which are manufactured from an original company and then sold through another company’s name/brand. While this abbreviation can be attributed to original, new products we have found that this term has been misused, often describing products which are not entirely original. For this reason we prefer to describe the specific condition of our parts for example Original- new; Original- used or Original- refurbished.

What is the difference between your different quality levels?
For some products, mainly screens, we have specific quality levels (A+,A, B, C, etc.) Please visit product detail pages for specific differences between these quality levels.

A part is listed as an assembly, what small parts are included?
To save your technicians as much time as possible, many of our parts are assembled and include necessary small parts, which are time consuming to apply. For specific details as to what a part assembly includes, please visit the product’s detail page.



What payments do you accept?
We accept a myriad of payment option including PayPal, Direct Bank transfers and Western Union. For a complete list of our accepted payment options please visit our Payment methods page.

I want to pay with a credit card, which payment method do I choose?
We process all major credit card payments through PayPal. Once you enter the PayPal payment page, you may select “Don’t have an account?” which will direct you to credit card payment options.

Can I make a direct wire transfer, what are the conditions?
We accept wire transfers to our HSBC account. Payments must be received in USD dollars. We will email you our Wire transfer details upon quotation confirmation.

Warranty & Returns

What type of warranty do you offer?
Currently, we offer a 6 month warranty on all parts unless specifically stated. You can review a full breakdown of our warranty program on our terms and conditions page.

I have installed/ used a part and have found an issue, does your warranty still cover that part?
Due to the fragility and static sensitive nature of our products, the potential to damage products during the installation process is high. Because of this, our warranty does not cover products, which have been installed.

Upon receiving your return shipment, products, which have been previously installed, will be carefully tested for installation related issues. If your product is in fact faulty due to our error, and installation damage is not found to be the cause of the issue we will process your return normally, offering you a full refund for the part.

Shenzhen Parts provides screen testing cables and boxes on our tools page as well as best testing guidelines and procedures on our testing page. For all screens, we highly recommend testing screen functionality prior to installation.

What do I do if parts are missing from my order?
Please contact us immediately. While this is rare, mistakes do happen and we will correct the issue for you immediately by either resending the missing product or providing you with a refund for the remaining amount.

How do I send a return?
Please visit our RMA page to request a RMA ticket. We will email you with packaging and shipping instructions and process your return shipment quickly.


Website & Catalog

Can you provide me with a catalog of your parts?
Yes, our catalogs are available on our home page once you have signed in with your account. If you prefer we can email you links to all of our catalogs in PDF format.

Can you provide me with a complete database of all of your listings so that I may upload them to my website?
This is a surprisingly common request. While we want to do everything possible to make your business a great success, we have invested a large amount of resources to making Shenzhen Parts listings as accurate and exhaustive as possible.

Due to this we are unable to provide XLS, CSV, or APIs of our product listings.

Can I use your images or graphics for my website/ Amazon account/etc.?
We often find that our site graphics and product images are posted throughout the internet including commercial websites, Amazon/eBay accounts, social media website etc.

We spend a lot of time, resources and though into providing the highest quality product images and graphics, and appreciate your understanding. Please contact us if you would like to use our images.

Can I have a list of your barcodes to sync with my inventory system?
Definitely, please provide us with your in-house SKU/item code system and we will provide a data sync to our barcodes to improve your receiving process efficiency.




What services do you provide other than repair parts?
Your business’s success is our ultimate focus and we offer many services to that end. From custom retail packaging to custom sourcing requests, please contact us if you have any needs in China we can be of assistance with.

Do you offer a logic board repair system?
Yes, please visit RepairLogicBoard.com for a full-fledged MacBook logic board repair solution.



Contacting Shenzhen Parts

What are your office hours?
We are available Monday through Saturday 10:00 am to 7pm (CST). Please note that we are in China so messages received after our closing hours may not be replied to until the following business day.

I am coming to China, can I visit you?
We welcome your visit. Please contact us in advance of your visit so that we may assist with your visa, travel accommodations, etc.

What ways can I reach customer support?
We’re always excited to talk with our fans, potential clients, and community members. Whether you want to talk to us about pricing on a specific product, shipping terms, questions about specific products or just want to drop by our Shenzhen, China office for a visit, we're here for you!

Beyond the online chat on our website, you can reach us through the various methods below.



+86 755 8203 7935

Hong Kong

+852 8191 7104




I am from the press, who should I contact for more information?
We welcome members of the press and are open to assisting in your next project. Please contact sales@shenzhenparts.com subject: Press and we will contact you.