Recently a video has surfaced that has surprised many netizens by the level of unprofessionalism a loading worker took when loading cartons into an air shipment at the Guangzhou airport.

We always take special care to properly package every part that is sent. From hard cases for screens and flex cables to individual protective wrap for any surface that has a potential to be scratched. Once you have received a shipment, you might be surprised by the level of precautions we have taken to protect your goods.

The reason for our cautions is simple: no matter which method you ship whether it be by air cargo, sea freight, DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS, etc., your shipment will typically be subjected to a great deal of heavy handling.

We have witnessed the process at nearly every point from loading the goods to be routed to the shipping agent to goods be loaded on the plane. Forklifts crashing into pallets, goods being literally thrown at the ground, used as chairs or even lunch tables, stood on, and even worse are a common place in China.

At Shenzhen Parts, we have choosen to work with only a few hand picked shipping agents which have proven themselves to be thoughtful and respectful of our goods, protecting our shipment even when they didn't know they were being watched.

View the clip of a shipment receiving the "Guangdong Special Handling"