How to check the serial and model number of MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is a line of Apple notebooks that are designed especially to be light weight and thin. Starting in 2008, the MacBook Air was introduced and is available in 11.6" and 13.3" screen sizes.

In order to ensure that a specific part works for your MacBook Air it is important to verify the device's model number. Using this model number you can easily search for a particular part on our search bar, send Shenzhen Parts a part request using our MacBook request feature or by email.

If you have access to the OS

If you have access to the OS, you can:

1. From the Apple menu select "About this Mac"

2. Double click on the version text between the apple logo and the "Software Update" button.

3. A serial number will displayed which you can then check with EveryMac

On the Surface

The MacBook Air can be quickly verified by turning off your device and turning over the MacBook Air to reveal the serial and model information on the bottom case.

MacBook Air (Original), MacBook Air (Late 2008), MacBook Air (Mid 2009)

Old MacBook Air serial and model number

MacBook Air (Late 2010), MacBook Air (Mid 2011), MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2012), and MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2012).

New MacBook Air serial and model number