26 small part assembly

Assembly small parts can be a time intensive task. At Shenzhen Parts, we know that means your technician’s labor. That is why many of the parts we offer are available as assemblies, in which we assemble all of the components for you.

The iPhone 5 full screen assembly with small parts includes 26 small parts, each of which are carefully installed by our most experienced technicians.

Included in the iPhone 5 full screen assembly with small parts:
1 x iPhone 5 LCD with digitizer assembly
1 x Front camera holder
1 x Induction flex frame
1 x LCD shield plate
Screw #1 (4 pieces) – sides of LCD shield plate
Screw #2 (1 piece) – bottom of LCD shield plate
Screw #3 (1 piece) – top of LCD shield plate
1 x Home button metal contact
1 x Home button rubber gasket
1 x Home button
1 x Home button flex cable
1 x Home button metal bracket
1 x Screw #4 (2 pieces) – home button metal bracket
1 x Induction flex cable with front camera
1 x Earpiece
1 x Earpiece bracket
Screw # 5 (1 piece) – lower earpiece bracket
Screw #6 (1 piece) – upper earpiece bracket)
1 x Induction flex cable foam
1 x LCD flex cable foam
1 x Digitizer flex cable foam
1 x LCD water damage indicator

Our process begins during the purchasing phase, where we negotiate directly with factories for the highest quality screens. Screens are pretested prior to purchase for obvious issues such as touch panel and LCD functionality.

Once parts arrive at our facility they are thoroughly examined for a plethora of issues including small micro dust and dots, aesthetic defects and are exhaustively tested for all functional checks. Deep cleaning takes place during this phase, as it is necessary to thoroughly check for many issues.

Screens are then fitted with the front camera holder and induction flex cable. This takes considerable skill as the glue used is clear and requires precision to avoid excess glue residue.

The LCD shield plate is then installed and screwed into place. A water damage indicator is carefully placed into position.

The home button assembly is carefully installed including the home home button itself as well as the home button metal contact, the home button rubber gasket, the home button flex cable and finally the home button metal bracket, which is then screwed into place.

Our induction flex cable and front camera installation begins by carefully placing the induction flex cable into place, ensuring that the camera is properly aligned and that the induction sensor fits securely into it’s proper position. The earpiece is then installed, followed by the earpiece bracket, which is carefully screwed into place.

The installation is completed by carefully placing foam on the induction sensor, LCD, and digitizer flex cables.

Once an iPhone 5 full screen assembly has been fully assembled, final testing takes place. The camera, induction sensor, microphone and earpiece are individually tested to ensure each screen meets our quality control expectations.

Once a screen has been stamped by our QC manager it is then placed in our custom screen packaging and included in your shipment.

By taking these measures, we are confident that your repair experience will be quick, efficient and you can rest assured knowing you are providing your customers with the highest quality repair parts on the market today.