iPhone flex cable - what to expect

Shenzhen Parts takes pride in giving close attention to the small details. From our quality control process where each part is individually examined for a series of otherwise overlooked functional and cosmetic flaws, to our inclusion of small but important parts on our best selling products; Shenzhen Parts is always looking for ways to provide you the best possible quality products at the least rate.

Enter the iPhone 4 flex cables, namely the induction flex cable and the headphone jack flex cable. Below you will find what you should consistently expect from our flex cables, regardless of whether they are original, refurbished or a best quality replacement.

iPhone 4 induction flex cable

After quality control inspections, we install the iPhone 4 earpiece onto the iPhone 4 induction flex cable. Each flex cable then receives the power button bracket and both the protective foam and film cover for the proximity sensor. Adhesive pieces are then included to ensure your installation process is quick and efficient.

iPhone 4 induction flex cable what is included 1What is included:

1. iPhone 4 earpiece
2. iPhone 4 power button bracket
3. Protective foam and film for sensor



iPhone 4 induction flex cable what is included 2



















iPhone 4 headphone jack flex cable

We are confident that our iPhone 4 headphone jack flex cable will surprise you. As always, each flex cable is individually checked for asthetic issues and connected to the iPhone for testing using custom built testing cables. Then we really get busy. A foam piece is attached to keep the motherboard connector in place, a volume button bracket is installed and a mute switch bracket is put in place. To finish it off we add the water damage indicator and adhesives to assist in an expedient and secure installation.

iPhone 4 headphone jack cable what is included

1. Foam to keep the connector in place
2. Volume button bracket
3. Mute swtich bracket
4. Water damage indicator
5. Adhesives