Amidst rumors regarding Apple’s iWatch, Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn announced last Wednesday a smartwatch that is compatible with an iPhone.

According to Want China Times, Foxconn, also known as Hon Hai Precision, dropped an announcement regarding its attempt of creating its version of iWatch as Apple is yet to release an official statement about the rumors circulating the said device.

Without an official name yet, Foxconn unveiled some of the smartwatch’s features at a shareholders meeting.  It’s a wrist-based smart device that can connect wirelessly to an iPhone. It can provide the user’s respiration and heartbeat measurements and can also check phone calls and Facebook posts.

“With such a device, you can keep your phone in your pocket and simply check all kinds of messages on your watch,” shared by Foxconn chairman Terry Gou.

With a rumor about the iPhone 5S having a fingerprint sensor, Foxconn is also working on that feature along with other health features for its smartwatch.

There is still no official release date for this smartwatch. As for Apple and other competitors like Google and Samsung, rumors still circulate their possible launch of their versions of the smartwatch. Would you like to have this smartwatch as another part of your iPhone?