With the upcoming release of Disney Infinity, an open world sandbox game for gaming consoles that will have The Incredibles, The Pirates of Caribbean and other favorite Disney franchises together, iPad users will be the first to try out the game for free.

Disney revealed that it will release 2 separate iOS versions of the game. The first is a video-manipulation app called Disney Infinity: Action! which will be available on August 15 for iOS and Windows Mobile.  With this app on your iPad, you can take a video of yourself or your friends and have an overlay animation of any Disney character. This app will make it possible for you to have a mock fight with Jack Sparrow.

The second will be Disney Infinity: Toy Box which is said to be only compatible for now with iPad. It will allow a player to create, play and share sandbox levels between the console and tablet.  Whatever you’re doing in your console, you can pick it up and continue wherever you are through your iPad.

These projects are said to be ambitious, but many are already looking forward to how it would raise the bar for mobile and console gaming. While Action! gets its release, Toy Boy is “coming soon.”