With the approval from Pentagon, Apple devices can now be used by the members of the US Military.

Last May 17, Apple iOS 6 was approved by the US Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) as one of the official operating systems that can be used by military members. Since operating system approval is done for security measures, employees are still not allowed to use their own devices. The DOD will be responsible for providing iPhones and iPads with the iOS 6.

 According to DISA spokesperson Alana Johnson, “It doesn’t mean [Apple is] getting a contract with us or anything like that. It just means that specific operating system, Apple iOS 6, is approved as long as they have that particular operating system.”

The Defense Department dropped its exclusive contract last year with Blackberry as its handset provider. With this move, it has opened its doors to other companies to provide software for the US military security requirements.

 In addition, the military plans to have a military mobile applications store for the handling of its millions of devices. With this, the employees would have the flexibility and choice to use commercial products.

 Before a device can be used for military purposes, it must first clear the requirements set by the DOD Security Technical Implementation Guide or STIG. Earlier this month, Samsung Galaxy 4S and Blackberry 10 earned the security approval.