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Shenzhen parts - About Us

Initially formed as a response to the growing need for a stable source of high quality iPhone and iPad repair parts backed with solid warranties and first class customer service, Shenzhen Parts was established in 2010.

Shenzhen Parts has since grown to incorporate a wide range of iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook and Samsung parts in our offerings and currently supplies many large scale repair networks throughout Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Pacific.

We supply the highest quality Apple parts to help our customers gain and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace and can offer you professional and technical assistance to satisfy the most demanding requirements. The vast majority of Chinese phone parts suppliers do a little bit of everything and end up not doing any one thing particularly well. No specialization in one brand, no technical expertise, no QC, and the list goes on. At ShenzhenParts, we focus exclusively on quality control of Apple and Samsung parts and nothing else. This specialization allows us to ensure that our technicians are well trained and highly knowledgable in one unique field.

Our multicultural management team understands both the local environment and the requirements of our overseas customers. Our people are selected for their technical expertise and experience. Breaking away from the local management techniques we focus on ensuring our staff are properly trained and have expert knowledge in their craft. Our team of quality control technicians is regularly trained to existing quality standards and to our unique processes to test mobile phone and tablet repair parts. With dedicated processing teams for different brands, we are able to efficiently source, quality test and assemble products while relying on expert product knowledge and experience.

Our products

Our focus on a specific scope of products allows us to deliver the highest quality repair parts available on the market today. In addition we carry a wide selection of professional repair tools and quality accessories.

Our values

This is not just about commerce; it is about a commercial philosophy. It is about working better, pleasing clients and, ultimately about professionalism, job satisfaction and long term survival. We want the same as you: quality for our clients and a credible corporate image and brand.

At Shenzhen Parts we are mote than any single part. Our dedication to our clients' complete satisfaction has led us to completely redeveloping industry norms, turning on it's head the typical experience of purchasing in China.


Saving labor costs

We do all the work, so you don't have to, from assembling small parts to packaging and labelling your goods for efficient reception.
No IP infringements

No IP infringements

Violating IP and trademark laws has real repercussions both for you and your business. We remove trademarks 100% via our fiber marker laser machinery.
Customer support

Customer support

We are there when you need us. With our website based online chat, Skype telephone and email you can always reach us just about around the clock.
Hassle free returns

Hassle-free returns

While we work hard to ensure orders are free of incorrect/ faulty items; error sometimes occur. That's when our hassle free return policy really shines.


Packing and shipping

Packing & shipping

Our shipping guidelines are simple: customer should receive products in the same condition they were sent and receive shipments quickly without overpaying.
Inventory management

Inventory Management

Product availability changes daily, but your order shouldn't have to suffer. That is why we implemented a full ERP system, which allows us to accurately predict future orders and keep those products in inventory.
Custom sourcing

Custom sourcing

Need a custom product sourced or developed? Let our expert sourcing agents assist you with practical product sourcing, pre/during/final inspections and loading supervision.
Custom packaging

Custom packaging

Shenzhen Parts provides Complete solutions to your retail packaging needs, Regardless of whether you require clam-shell, form sealed or paper packaging, we have you covered.



Quality Control

Quality is at the center of everything we do and our technicians are obsessed with ensuring the 100% performance of each part we ship. That means we scrutinize, test and control every single item destined for export.

New products and suppliers are regularly tested to ensure we source from only the best and all customer input is taken into account and implemented. When it comes to your business we take nothing to chance. Each screen is exhaustively tested for digitizer and LCD functionality, checked for micro dust and micro dots and is test fit into the mid-chassis to ensure installation is flawless. Flex cables are painstakingly assembled with small adhesives and foam inserts, as well as individually tested. We believe in using the right tools for the job and have invested in professional testing and assembly equipment including battery capacity testing equipment, digitizer and frame assembly machines, specialized screen testing equipment and more. We designed some of the first testing cables available.